Islamic extremist Abu Haleema flees after right wing activist Tommy Robinson finds him


Rebel media journalist and counter-Islamic extremist activist Tommy Robinson found Abu Haleema who resulted to fleeing for his own safety

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, visited the Northampton home of Abu Haleema, whose passport has been confiscated and who was banned from social media but got no answer.

Robinson told The Times that he had been banned from Twitter for a week for breaking its rules by exposing the Islamist’s whereabouts.

Tommy Robinson has battled against Islamic extremism for more than 9 years and has even resulted to confronting hate preachers and mosques who host radical speakers.

Tommy posted on his Facebook:

“Terrorist supporters being housed in a street near you. This guy is an Islamic extremist so arrest him and put him in jail not in a free house down the road from a primary school!”

Regarding Tommy’s social media censorship he said:

“3 days ago I suggested locking up all these terrorist scumbags on the watch list. What happened? Twitter suspended me because anything that questions the religion of so-called peace makes governments, media and authorities shit their self and close it down. Enough is enough the government need to take action now to protect their people. Please share as we need action, this is a disgrace.”

Left wing media outlets have done their best to silence Tommy and his rebel media team, but over the last few months, his popularity online has soared, especially on Facebook.

I have met Tommy before and he is a genuinely nice bloke.

Thank you, Tommy, for exposing these radical scumbags, keep up the good work!